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Nikos Vertis & Amir - Νew Single
"Si on n’aime qu’une fois /
I Leksi S' Agapo"
  • Nikos Vertis & Amir
    Si on n'aime qu'une fois / Η Λέξη Σ’ Αγαπώ

    Music: Assaf Tzrouya
    Greek Lyrics: Nikos Vertis
    French Lyrics: Amir & Nazim Khaled

    Nikos Vertis, the most popular Greek singer, of his generation, joins his "powers" with the interna-tional artist Amir and their collaboration, just arrived! “Si on n'aime qu'une fois / I Leksi S' Agapo” is the tittle of their Greek-French ballad, a song that praise love!
    Αν είχα δυο ζωές μαζί σου θέλω να ‘μουν
    Αν είχα τρεις πάλι δε θα ‘ταν αρκετό
    Η λέξη σ’ αγαπώ ίσως και να ‘ναι λίγη
    Μπροστά σ’ αυτά που νιώθω
    Si on n’aime qu’une fois
    J’ai déjà dépensé tous mes battements de cœur, mes pensées
    On parlait d’une seule voix
    Mes cris d’amour sont muets, mon horizon est muré

    Music is written by the famous musician Assaf Tzrouya, while the Greek lyrics are written by Ni-kos Vertis and the French lyrics by Amir and Nazim Khaled!

    The music video was filmed at YTON the music show and The Y Project Restaurant, directed by Sherif Francis, in which we can watch a pair of dancers trying to achieve the perfect choreogra-phy, motivated by the power of love…

    The new single and music video “Si on n'aime qu'une fois / Η Λέξη Σ’ Αγαπώ” is released by THEAMA and Heaven Music!
    Find it, on all digital platforms (HERE) and
    on Nikos Vertis' official YouTube channel!
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